UPDATE, 2021: The Connoisseur Archive’s content is in the process of being gradually migrated back to my Chatsworth Lady site, a process which I hope to have completed (or nearly so) no later than August 15th, 2021.

Although Connoisseur will be part of my ongoing “Lost Porcelain Studios” series there, it will also continue to function as an information source just as it has done here. Thank you for your patience and understanding while this content is being shifted to the new location.

If you wish to see the content that has already been moved to its new home, you can find it here.

If you are looking for a photo that used to be here, please check the new site because some content has been reorganized and/or merged; for example, all the Orchids are now in a separate post there, rather than having been mixed into the various “Flowers” posts as they were when here. This should also make things easier to find. There will be a name index at the new location as soon as I get at least 50% of the existing content transferred.

You can still contact me via the form below, as long as this site is operating.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If your email address contains a dot within the ‘front end’ (for example, j.smith@ or mary.jones@ followed by your email provider’s name) I will not be able to respond to your message, because my internet provider does not recognize that format as being a valid email address. Please supply a different email address for me to respond to.

Also, if you have not received a response from me within 48 hours, please doublecheck the email address you supplied and make sure it was correct. I have recently received several messages from Gmail users which, when I replied to them, were returned as Undeliverable with the message “email account does not exist.”