Most of the sculptures illustrated below were designed by Diane Lewis, and her name appears on those backstamps (see Authentic Connoisseur Backstamps for the various iterations). Other talented designers at Connoisseur are likewise identified as indicated. All of the following studies were produced during the 1980s. Any missing information – such as the designer’s name, the issue year, edition size, etc. – is continually researched and updated as found. The studies below are arranged in alphabetical order.

ALMOND BLOSSOM by Connoisseur of MalvernAlmond Blossom by Diane Lewis is a non-limited edition issued in 1984; it is 4.75″ (12 cm) high and was part of the English Countryside series. Introduction price is unknown but it retailed for $295 in 1987.

AZALEA BLOSSOM in red by Connoissseur of MalvernAZALEA BLOSSOM in yellow by Connoisseur of MalvernAZALEA BLOSSOM in red by Connoissseur of MalvernAzalea Blossom was produced in  three color versions. It is approximately 5” (12.5 cm) high and was a non-limited edition in 1983. This study was part of the Garden Blossoms series by Diane Lewis. The initial price for all three colorways was $225, but by 1987 the white version retailed for $270 while the red and yellow were both $290.

BLUEBONNETS by Connoisseur of MalvernBluebonnet by Diane Lewis was a limited edition of only 100 sculptures from 1984; height is 6.5” (16.5 cm.)

CROCUS by Connoisseur of MalvernThe purple Crocus was designed by Aileen Burton and is part of her mid-1980s European Wildflowers Collection. This open edition is approximately 5” (12.5 cm) high and retailed for $275.

DANDELIONS by Connoisseur of MalvernDandelions by Diane Lewis was a non-limited edition in 1984. It is 5″ (almost 13 cm) high and sold for $365 in 1987.


PERIWINKLE by Connoisseur of MalvernPeriwinkle, a non-limited edition approximately 5” (12.5 cm) high from 1982 at $250, is another study within the English Countryside series by Diane Lewis. Retail pricing rose to $315 within five years.

QUINCE BLOSSOM by Connoisseur of MalvernQuince Blossom, circa 1983 by Diane Lewis, is part of the Garden Blossoms series. It is approximately 4.5” (11.5 cm) high and was issued at $225, later $290 within five years. This represents the ornamental (Chaenomeles) species, often called ‘Japanese quince.’ (Note: Although this study appears to be golden yellow in Connoisseur’s advertising photographs, the actual color is indeed a light orange. This particular color can appear differently according to the lighting conditions; strong bright light mutes the orange tones and brings out the yellows. Only one colorway of Quince Blossom was produced.)

ROCKY MOUNTAIN IRIS by Connoisseur of MalvernThe Rocky Mountain Iris was part of the International Wildflowers series by Diane Lewis, issued at $375 and standing about 6″ (15.25 cm) high.  The species depicted is Iris missouriensis which is the only USA native iris species that is also found east of the Cascade Mountains/Sierra Nevada. The flower color ranges from a pale lavender-blue to a fairly intense purple-blue; another common name is “blue flag iris”. In photographs some of these appear more purple and others appear more mauve as in the second image; the difference may simply be a result of the photo lighting, as is the case with the Quince Blossom.

SNOWDROPS by Connoisseur of MalvernDelicate pristine white Snowdrops are always a most welcome sight at the end of every winter! A non-limited edition approximately 5” (12 cm) high, this was part of Diane Lewis’ English Countryside series in 1980. Issue price was $200 which rose to $225 before retirement.

SPRING GENTIANS by Connoisseur of MalvernA lovely clump of true-blue Spring Gentians, a 1983 addition to the English Countryside series. Issue price is unknown but was probably in the low $200s, increasing to $260 by 1987.

VALLEY STREAM by Connoisseur of MalvernValley Stream, designed by Aileen Burton and issued in 1988, includes sweet white violets, clover blossoms, and Convallaria (lily-of-the-valley.) Four other designs within this same series can be seen in Flowers, Part Six.

WILD COLUMBINE by Connoisseur of MalvernWild Columbine by Diane Lewis was another member of the non-limited edition mid-1980s International Wildflower Collection, at $375. Standing 6″ (15.25cm) high, it complements the Blue Columbine shown in the Connoisseur Flowers Part 2 post.

WILD DAFFODILS by Connoisseur of MalvernWild Daffodils, by Diane Lewis, a non-limited edition standing 6″ high (15.25 cm). It too was part of the English Countryside series and dates from 1983. Retail pricing ranged from $250 to $315 before retirement.

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