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In addition to the botanical plaques designed by Diane Lewis at the Connoisseur of Malvern studio, a limited number were created during the mid to late 1990s as well. These all bear the Diane Lewis Chance backstamp which is indicative of that era. Five of them have been discovered to date.

I have been told on good authority that the Diane Lewis Chance and D by D pieces were painted by Freda Griffiths, although the artist’s name might not appear.


HARVEST BASKET plaque by Diane Lewis ChanceHarvest Basket is approximately 19” square (48 cm); only ten were produced.



MIDNIGHT BLUE plaque by Diane Lewis ChanceThe gorgeous Midnight Blue is also about 19” (48 cm) square and an edition of ten.



PEONY botanical plaque by Diane Lewis ChancePeony is the same size as the foregoing two studies, but in a smaller edition of only five plaques created. The seller noted that the flowers are applied in relief, which raises the possibility (probability?) that Harvest Basket and Midnight Blue were created the same way.



POSY PLAQUE by Diane Lewis Chance dba D by DThe Posy Plaque is small but stunning; it is only 12″ x 12″ (about 30.5 cm square) framed. It was an edition of 25 and includes the D by D imprimatur in the backstamp.

I got quite a surprise when I received this plaque from the auction house, because neither their description nor photo indicated that this is a dimensional (relief), rather than a flat-painted, plaque! It also didn’t mention that the double-stacked wood frame is 3.25″ (8.25 cm) deep. This, combined with the glass front, makes this item tip the scales at more than 4 lbs.  These additional photos attempt to show the dimensionality of the flowers.



FLOWERS OF THE VALLEY plaque by Diane Lewis ChanceFlowers of the Valley plaque detail 1Flowers of the Valley plaque detail 2Flowers of the Valley plaque detail 3Flowers of the Valley is a lovely dimensional plaque, also marked Diane Lewis Chance. It is 9” wide and 12” high (23 cm x 30 cm) which is the same size as many of the earlier Connoisseur of Malvern plaques. However, unlike the others of that scale, this was a very limited edition of only six. [This plaque is similar to but not the same as the 1987 sculpture ‘Flowers of the Valley’ seen in Flowers Part Three.]

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