Not all of the Connoisseur plaques were part of a series, or had corresponding three-dimensional sculptures (as in the case of Thrump-O-Moto); some were simply one of a kind. Silver Mane, an evocative portrait of a unicorn in a misty moonlit forest, was one of these.


SILVER MANE unicorn painting on porcelain by Connoisseur of Malvern

Silver Mane by Connoisseur detailCreated in 1987 and painted by Anthony Tomson, the rectangular plaque is approximately 15” (38 cm) high and 11” (28 cm) wide; framed dimensions are 16.5”x 12.25” (42 cm x 31 cm). It is mounted in the typical Connoisseur method with a wood back incorporating a circular cutout through which the backstamp area is visible.

Silver Mane backstamp

reverse of Silver Mane plaqueThe pitchfork artist icon indicates that Mark Farmer cast the mold for the plaque. The original retail price of this one of kind plaque is unknown.

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