A recent inquiry has prompted me to compile a list of Connoisseur of Malvern sculptures according to the year in which they were introduced at retail. The first such issue year (Diane and Terry Lewis having left the Boehm of Malvern studio in 1979, although the specific month is not known) on record is 1980, according to advertising materials produced during that time and afterward. It’s also not known whether Connoisseur pieces were marketed first in the UK and then the USA, or released in both countries simultaneously. The studio was represented by Jack Couch Associates, of Decatur, Illinois, for their American distribution.

It’s quite possible that their first USA retailer was Brielle Galleries in New Jersey. They published a color catalog twice a year, and I happen to have the 33-page Spring 1980 issue which does not include any Connoisseur pieces although it does spotlight Cybis, Boehm, Bronn, Ed Rohn, Burgues, Kazmar, Granget, Michael Sutty, Bucellati silver, and Baccarat crystal. By far, the most pages are devoted to Cybis (seven, plus the cover) and Boehm (eight.)  Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the Autumn 1980 issue and so do not know if any Connoisseur pieces were featured in it.

However, in 1981 Brielle did create an attractive portfolio with full-color information sheets of seven limited editions from 1980 and 1981, all of which are noted as “Created exclusively for Brielle Galleries.” Pieces known to be in that category, either via Brielle advertising or backstamp, are noted in the list below with [BG]. Other exclusives were later created for Brielle and for Neiman Marcus [NM] as well. There may well be – and probably were – additional USA and UK retailer exclusives of which I’m not currently aware.

This list has been compiled from a combination of backstamp images and actual literature produced by Connoisseur and/or their retailers (usually Brielle.) It has one very important caveat:

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST OF ALL SCULPTURES AND PLAQUES PRODUCED BY THE CONNOISSEUR OF MALVERN STUDIO, nor is it a list of all the sculptures mentioned or illustrated on this site (see the Index.) This page contains only a partial list, based solely on known year of introduction.

In fact, the majority of Connoisseur pieces don’t appear on this chronological list, because the open edition backstamps often do not contain the issue year and quite a few of the later limited-edition ones don’t either. An even greater challenge is the dearth of available Connoisseur literature, and most of the ones I have do not specify the printing year or the year that the illustrated porcelains were issued. In fact, this lack of issue-year information has been the main reason that I have not included a chronological list in the Archive until now.

This list will be continually updated if and when additional information comes to light. If any reader happens to have any “dated” sculpture (either via advertising literature or the actual backstamp) that does not appear below, I would be very grateful for that information; there is a contact form on the About the Connoisseur Archive page.

The number in parentheses following each limited edition is the declared edition size, as per the backstamp and/or a piece of Connoisseur literature.  (The list does not include items produced under the Design by Diane or D by D imprimatur, which are shown in their own dedicated post. It also does not include any items produced by either of the post-1994 ownership operations.)

Retailer-exclusive abbreviations and locations:
[BG] = Brielle Galleries, USA
[FR] = Fort Royal Galleries, UK
[MH] = Mulberry Hall, UK
[NM] = Neiman-Marcus, USA


Limited editions:
Barn Owl with Fledgling (75)
Blue Tit with Young (250)
Brimstone with Bluebells (200)
Coal Tit (300)
Delta Queen [BG] (25)
Long Tailed Tits with Young (75)
Nature’s Bounty basket [BG] (15)
Orange Tip with Blackthorn (200)
Pristine Morning [BG] (25 according to literature; 15 according to #19 backstamp. This may reflect an edition size reduction or may be simply an error.)
Rhapsody in Blue [BG] (25)
Tropic of Capricorn [BG] (10)
Yorkshire Rose (100)
Open editions:


Limited editions:
Bing Crosby Rose (200)
Bridal Posy plaque (100)
Christopher’s Wren (25)
Crimson Spring (15)
Dance Fantastic (15)
Geranium Still Life (10)
Grundy’s Lane [BG] (50)
July Morning basket (50)
Lady Diana rose (100)
Large Tortoiseshell with Oxlip (100)
Love’s Majesty (25)
Paradise Lost (15)
Royal Wedding plaque (150)
Serenity bonsai (25)
Shakespeare’s Flowers plaque, Harebells (100)
Shakespeare’s Flowers plaque, Violets (100)
Tranquility bonsai [BG] (25)
Open editions:
Fledgling Blue Tit
Fledgling Wren


Limited editions:
Arabesque (15)
Baby Talk rose (50)
Chanelle rose (100)
Devotion (25)
Fledgling Wrens with Bramble (100)
Meditation bonsai (10)
Mountbatten rose (100)
My Love rose (100)
Peace on Earth (25)
Pink Perfection plaque (10)
Shakespeare’s Flowers plaque, Cowslips (50)
Shakespeare’s Flowers plaque, Honeysuckle (50)
Shangri-La (5)
Yakusimanum (25)
Open editions:
Fledgling Robin


Limited editions:
Child of the East (10)
Clarissa rose (100)
Dancing Wings (10)
El Dorado Camellia (50)
Eternity (10)
Finches in Unison (10)
Green Hairstreak with Dog Rose (200)
Infinity (10)
Just Joey (100)
Peace bonsai (10)
Peony (100)
Peregrine Falcon (25)
Queen Elizabeth rose (100)
Sefton (25)
Shakespeare’s Flowers plaque, Daisies (50)
Shakespeare’s Flowers plaque, Primroses (50)
Shogun (10)
Open editions:
Almond Blossom
Azalea Blossom, Red
Azalea Blossom, White
Azalea Blossom, Yellow
Blue Eyes
Cherry Blossom
Christmas Robin
Fledgling Sparrow
Flowering Crab Apple
Mountbatten Rose bud
My Love Rose bud
Pascali Rose bud
Plum Blossom
Silver Jubilee Rose bud
Spring Gentian
Wild Daffodils


Limited editions:
Autumn Gold (10)
Avocet rose (50)
Brothers (25)
Buddleia with Peacock Butterflies (10)
Chickadee Family (25) [NM]
Drummer on Coriolanus (10)
Galactic (50)
Hydrangea, pink (50)
Madame Butterfly (50)
Mary rose (100)
Peace on Earth (25)
Peace Rose Centrepiece (50)
Pink Debutante Orchid (50)
Poinsettia (50)
Professor C.S. Sargent (1)
Redpolls with Almond Blossom (50)
Romeo and Juliet: The Dance (15)
Shakespeare’s Flowers plaque, Columbines (50)
Shakespeare’s Flowers plaque, Wild Rose (50)
Tai-Pan (10)
Trumpeter of the Life Guards on Delilah (25)
White Dogwood (25)
Willow Warblers with Forsythia (25)
Open editions:
Almond Bossom
Bow Bells Orchid
Fledglings of North America – Blue Jay [NM]
Fledglings of North America – Chickadee [NM]
Fledglings of North America – Robin  [NM]
Snowflake kitten


Limited editions:
Camellia Hawaii (100)
Coal Tit with Crabapple (50)
Donation Camellia group (50)
Double Cherry (50)
Drambuie rose (100)
Duma Duma (25)
Fantasia (10)
Free Spirit (100)
Freedom, Arab Foal (100)
Golden Spring (25)
Great Tit (100)
Happiness (50)
Kestrel (50)
Khan (10)
Kodiak (25)
Peace rose (100)
Phalaenopsis Orchids (100)
Serengeti Morn I, male cheetah (25)
Serengeti Morn II, female cheetah (25)
Silver Jubilee rose (100)
Sonia rose (100)
Summer Harvest (50)
White Cymbidium (100)
Win, Place, and Show (10)
Wind Born (100)
Open editions:
Fledglings of North America – Cardinal [NM]
Fledglings of North America – Mockingbird [NM]
Fledglings of North America – Tufted Titmouse [NM]
Green Orchid
Pink Cymbidium
Whisky kitten


Limited editions:
Angela Leslie Fuchsia (50)
Blue Tit in Apple Blossom (100)
Bugaku (25)
Champion rose (200)
Charley Rednosebeerdrinker (200)
Chigo (25)
Dawn Haze basket (25)
Dormice (200)
Drambuie rose (100)
Finale (100)
First Kiss (50)
Golden Oriental Pheasant (50)
Great Tit (100)
Hydrangea Blue Wave (50)
Joyful News (25)
Lucky Charm plaque (50)
Mellow Morn basket (25)
Midsummer Dream basket (50)
Oriental Silk Peony (100)
Precious Platinum (100)
Purple Moon Orchid (100)
Robin in Springtime (100)
Sarah rose (250)
Snow Prince (25)
Summer Princess (100)
The Dream (100)
Thrump-O-Moto (200)
Thrump-O-Moto plaque (1)
White Tiger (25)
Open editions:
Coralin rose
Dresden Doll rose
Magic Carrousel rose
Yellow Doll rose


Limited editions:
Autumn Melody (100)
Blush of Spring plaque (50)
Cape Buffalo (25)
Elegance (100)
Flowers of the Valley (50)
Goldfinches with Plum Blossom (50)
Gyrfalcon (50)
Impala (100)
Innocence (100)
Kingfisher (50)
Magnolia Soulangeana (100)
Queen of Siam (50)
Shades of Autumn plaque (50)
Silver Mane plaque (1)
Single Donation camellia (100)
Strawberry Ice (100)
Summer Splendour plaque (50)
Summer Star (100)
Thai Dancer (50)
Open editions:
Simply Christmas


Limited editions:
Bird of Paradise (50)
Black Watch Piper (25)
Fiesta (25)
Flower Song, in red (50)
Hard Lesson (15)
Ice Ginger (50)
Ice Monarch (25)
Lilac (50)
Magnolia Grandiflora (200)
Pink and Free (100)
Portrait of Peace (50)
Puma (25)
Siskins with Winter Jasmine (50)
Swan Lake Camellia (100)
The Last Warrior (25)
Winter’s Glow plaque (50)
Open editions:
American Robin with Oak
Golden Crowned Kinglet
Memory Lane miniature plaque
Pinkneys Green
Potomac Princess
Saguaro Cactus
Valley Stream


Limited editions:
Bald Eagle (20)
Betty Sheffield camellia (100)
Celestial Bridge (150)
Crab Apple plaque (50)
Double Sailfish (50)
Edna Hibel rose (200)
Flower Song, in lavender/pink (50)
Fore (100)
Hickory Dickory Dock (100)
Hummingbird on Trumpet Vine (50)
Ikebana (25)
Khon (50)
La Demoiselle du Lac (50)
Labyrinth (100)
Mandarin Duck (50), as per backstamp on #9 but see also 1990
One Mouse Open Sleigh (100)
Quince plaque (50)
Rose of York (100)
Saw Whet Owl (50)
Scarlet Knight (15)
Sheer Bliss (1)
Silent Eloquence (50)
Sloe plaque (50)
Wild Cherry plaque (50)
Open editions:
1989 holiday ornament: Chickadee
Purple Moon orchid, single


Limited editions:
Blue Velvet (50)
California Gold (100)
Forest Chorus (50)
I Thee Wed [BG] (100)
Lullaby [BG] (100)
Maestro [BG] (100)
Mandarin Duck (100) as per backstamp on #6
Monarch with Buddleia (50)
Nativity Egg (15)
Noel (100)
One Mouse Open Sleigh [BG] (100)
Prairie Bouquet (100)
Silent Verse (100)
Simba (25)
Slot Machine [BG] (100)
Snow Leopard (25)
Sunset Jewels (100)
The Pride of Texas (50)
Wetland Wildflowers (100)
Woodland Wonders (100)
Open editions:
Arrow Poison Frog
Black-eyed Susan
California Poppy
Evening Primrose
Golden Toad
Indian Blanket
Monarch on Buddleia (probably 1990 but possibly 1991)
Poison Dart Frog
Red Eyed Tree Frog


Limited editions:
American Glory (50)
Bamboo Rose (1991)
Easter Celebration egg (15)
Georgia Tiger Swallowtail (100)
Honeymoon (100)
Lady Love Orchid (100)
Open editions:


Limited editions:
Always Another Rainbow (100) [AR]
Music of the Night (500)
The Quintessential Scrooge (500) [AR]
Open editions:
Mask and Rose


Limited editions:
Alice in Wonderland (25)
Open editions:


Limited editions:
Once Upon a Dream (10)
Sixty Years Quacking (only 44 made) [AR]
Open editions:

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